"Made In TAIFA" at the Canton Fair

17th April, 2023

"Made In TAIFA" at the Canton Fair

     The 133rd Canton Fair opened grandly on April 15th, and Taifa Group also opened its tool booth at 14.3D33 and hardware booth at 16.3G16 in Section C.

     At this Canton Fair, we brought the latest logistics and warehousing products, including heavy-duty plastic pallets, new logistics tool carts, shelves, wheel barrows, tires, and other popular products. Our products cover a variety of needs in the logistics and home furnishing industries, providing customers with a one-stop service. The company has launched a newly designed lithium battery intelligent spray. The product is made of safe and environmentally friendly plastic material with a large capacity lithium battery, which has a lasting power, a long spraying distance, and silence Features such as adsorption, safety and environmental protection.

    Our series of wheelbarrow and tool cart products can be adapted to various occasions, including home, agriculture, industry, logistics and other fields. Our wheel barrow uses high-quality materials, with strong durability, simple installation, easy portability, and strong load-bearing capacity.

    On the first day of the Canton Fair, we received hundreds of customers. The company not only showcased the high-quality products of the factory, but also had face-to-face communication with domestic and foreign partners. Deeply understanding customer needs and feedback provides valuable reference and direction for future product upgrades and service improvements. Taifa Group welcomes customers to come to our company to discuss business, work together, and achieve a win-win future!


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