TAIFA Group conducts internal audit of environment, occupational health and safety management system

20th September, 2022

According to the company's ISO14001 and ISO45001 procedure documents, the Group will conduct the 2022 annual internal audit of the management system from October 17 to October 20 to verify the operation status and responsibility performance of the company's two management systems, and lay a good foundation for the annual supervision and audit of the certification body in November. In order to ensure that the internal audit can be successfully passed within the specified time, the notice is as follows:

1.All units shall check and correct themselves in advance and prepare all kinds of documents and data in accordance with GB/T24001-2016 and GB/T45001-2020 standards and procedure documents. In particular, the site shall be thoroughly sorted and cleaned, materials and products shall be placed in order, fire fighting access shall be smooth, fire fighting facilities shall be complete and intact, and waste classification shall be clear.

2. During the on-site audit, the audited unit shall have a specially assigned jury, which shall be organized and coordinated in a fast and efficient manner, and no prevarication or avoidance is allowed.

3. For the nonconformities found in the audit, each responsible unit shall immediately formulate and implement corrective and preventive measures after notification, and report to the internal audit team to verify their effectiveness within three days.

4. All nonconformities in the internal audit will be reported, and if there are perfunctory, evasive, missing items and serious dereliction of duty, the unit will be punished according to the relevant provisions of the company.


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