TAIFA Group Online Canton Fair Come To Begin

20th September, 2022

The 132nd Canton Fair will be grandly opened on October 15, and this exhibition will continue to adopt the form of online exhibition. The Group will conduct a 7-day live broadcast of the online exhibition from October 15 to October 21, with three booths of hardware, tools and gardens. The online live broadcast of products will accurately interpret the popular products in various regions, and 24-hour customer service will be online. Welcome all customers watch and purchase in the live broadcast room.

Attached live broadcast schedule (refer to Beijing time)

10月15日10:00- 12:00,  21:00- 23:00

10月16日15:00- 17:00,  21:00- 23:00

10月17日15:00- 17:00,  21:00- 23:00

10月18日                            21:00- 23:00

10月19日                            21:00- 23:00

10月20日                            21:00- 23:00

10月21日                            21:00- 23:00


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